“Carryout investigation first before arresting” – Ruggedy man To Efcc


Michael Ugochukwu Stephens a Nigerian rapper from Abia State who is popularly known as ruggedy baba expressed his feeling towards Economic and Financial Crime Commission (Efcc) as he called out on them through his twitter page.

Ruggedy Baba asked Efcc to carry out their investigation first before arresting so they can know exactly who they are looking for. he further said it is not professional to arrest and parade people without investigations.

He said, “Dear @officialEFCC You are supposed to carry out your investigation first, so you know exactly who you are looking for. How do you arrest first and investigate later? It is not professional in anyway to just arrest and parade people without investigations.”

 The rapper later said efcc dehumanize people that they have no right to put people in cell without investigating. he concluded by throwing question at them that do they publicly apologise and compensate the innocent people they traumatized .