Cardi B Turns Pepsi Into Money While Wearing 5-Inch PVC Heels In New Commercial


Cardi B stars in Pepsi’s newest holiday commercial, which tells the story of “A Cardi Carol” and replaces Santa’s workshop with Cardi’s Twerk Shop.

As the tale is unveiled, the commercial depicts illustrated versions of Cardi and her sister, Hennessy Carolina, as Cardi learns she made Santa’s naughty list. Cardi then comes to life wearing a custom blue Zigman corset suit and a Duckie Confetti white fur coat.

She stands tall and holds a bedazzled Pepsi can, all while perched a pair of on-trend see-through PVC heels from Jessica Rich. The Fancy Stiletto, which features a 4.7-inch heel, retails for $198.

Cardi narrates parts of the ad herself and explains Pepsi’s Gift It Forward program, which allows fans to scan their can to find a match and then receive money to gift forward to whomever they choose.

Hennessy was just as excited to be featured in the new commercial; commenting on her sister’s post teasing the ad, she said she was “calling mom and dad right now.”

Cardi starred in her first spot for the soda brand in January during the Super Bowl.

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