Cardi B reacts to a claim that she used her platform to promote violence


A news platform, Ktla has it that the popular American Grammy award winning female rapper, Cardi B used her influence and platform to advocate and promote violence.

The video used against the beautiful rapper, Cardi B was actually about her telling her fans to vote, however, DougKolk, the man broadcasted the news stated it that the rapper promoted violence with it.

Everyone knows what is going on in the world right now, even the toddlers. People are being murdered brutally and unjustly, whites are killing the blacks, young ladies are being raped and brutalized, Nigerian police officers harassing the young boys.

Since keeping silent seems not to be working out, the blacks are retaliating, protesting on the streets of the United states of America in order to put and end to this evil and barbaric acts.

Today, an American lady took to Twitter to share a news where Cardi b was being accused of promoting violence.

“The f*c*ing news said Cardi b promoted violence using her video telling us to vote but cropped out the f*c*ing part she started telling us to vote. F*c*ing propaganda asf. I’m angry” she said.

Cardi reacted immediately, telling the lady to tell her where she can find the news which another fan of her later uploaded.

“You lying!!! Where? So I can read” she said.