Cardi B and Rah Ali are back neefin’ on twitter


Cardi B and Rah Ali are STILL going at it in the year 2020, during a health pandemic and accusations are getting PETTY. The ladies resumed their beef this week over a tweet that Cardi claims is “fake”. The tweet seemingly called out Remy Ma, who recently spoke on IG live with Fat Joe. On the call, Remy alluded to opening doors for women in rap after her “Shether” track somewhat wounded Nicki Minaj

Folks thought Remy was referring to Cardi.

Fast forward, Rah Ali who owns the blog, “It’s Onsite” has pissed Belcalis off. Rah’s staff reminded folks that Remy and Cardi once had a rumored beef after a tweet seemingly shading Remy floated around from Cardi B. Swipe to see it! This sent Cardi B reeling.

Cardi B took to twitter to tell Rah Ali off and she even threatened to throw a monkey wrench in Rah’s marriage. Hit the flip to see it!

The exchange between Rah Ali and Cardi on twitter got HEATED. Cardi tells Rah Ali she will air out all of her dirty marriage secrets if she keeps pressing her. PERIOD.

Cardi B has since deleted her tweets but this is how the conversation escalated in a nutshell:

Cardi B: How you posting fake tweets of me? I been clarify this months ago. When these weirdos make fake sh*t up. I never wrote this and I put that ON MY CHILD. I understand b*tches don’t like me but to put a whole fke tweet up about me starting sh*t…When I can simply call a person if I have to is f*cking weird to me. KEEP ME OUT YOUR F*CKIN DRAMA. Fake a** lying a** blog.

Rah Ali: Get off twitter sneak dissing, your husband in the other room on that video game texting hoes again.