“Can you do this for love?” – Young lady raises eyebrows as she cuts her long beautiful hair due to her boyfriend’s love for lowcut (Video)

A video has got many people talking online where a young lady was spotted at the barbershop cutting her full long beautiful hair.

The clip making the rounds online captured the young lady cutting her long beautiful hair due to her boyfriend’s love for absolutely nothing but a low cut.

The content creator, who was also at the barbershop to get his hair done, was left in shock, unable to believe that a lady with such beautiful hair would cut it off because of love.

He shared the video from the moment the young lady entered the barbershop with full hair till the moment the barber cut her hair to a very minimal level.

The video however was accompanied with the caption; “Her boyfriend asked her to cut her long hair.”

Concluding the video, the content creator asked his female followers “Can you cut your hair because of your boyfriend’s love for low cut?”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

robyekpo: Why didn’t he just date a woman with short hair??? He shouldn’t have dated her!! Mttcccheewww!!

mizbee30: Be like say love Dey craze😂😂 men look at her because of hair ke? Why are some men like this😂 just say to maintain natural hair cost we go understand 😩.

evesoa: Well honestly I don’t think he should have dated her, why didn’t he date a woman on short hair.

talkingmomstres: She didn’t think it twice because she can easily grow it back maybe…no be people like me wey after 5yrs sef we still dey find where the hair dey😂😂.

teeto__olayen: May Thunder fire boyfriend thunder fire loyalty. Oga abi na you be the boyfriend????.

mitch_elleeeeee:: When she’s done , he should tell her to go blind so she can’t see other men, then mute so she can’t speak to anyone except him. A very toxic display from an insecure man. That thing that attracted them to you, they’ll make sure to remove it till you’re nothing, once you don’t look attractive anymore then they’ll remember you’re not their spec. O God 😂😂😂😂😂.

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