Can you believe that this is a cake? (Photos)


We know that a lot of people are talented. In fact, they take creativity to another level.

A Twitter user recently shared a picture of a cake his wife made. The cake was in the form of a tissue paper and it was on the client’s request.

Here is the post:

The cake looks really good and it looks just like a tissue paper. Take a closer look:

The lady must be really creative. There are so many others out there that make creative things with cake.

Well, twitter users took to the comments section to express themselves. Of course, they agreed that the baker did a very good job as they wouldn’t have been convinced that it was a cake if not for the third picture. This means that her creativity was top notch and she made good use of it. You can use this quarantine period to show your creative side. You can learn to bake and also perfect your icing.