” Can People Stop Trying To Get Into My Pant And Be Actual Friends” – Efunada Cries Out


It is actually hard to find a real friend these days who have pure intentions towards you with no ulterior motives attached, And if you ever find one then you should value that person


Some People will approach you under the disguise of friendship yet with an ulterior motive as some hope to gain your trust before executing their real intentions

While others actually seek to have canal knowledge of you and so it is easier for them to approach you as a friend, gain your trust and at the end hurt you, a lot of guys sadly fall under this category as they wickedly objectify women, deceive them under the disguise of friendship just so they can get into her pant and then they are done

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And this is the issue this lady named Efunada cries about on Twitter ,apparently she has had a fair share of fake friends who objectify her, come under the pretence of friendship to get into her pants, and this sad as she even begs that she is a good friend to have