“Can Mohbad just come back to life and tell us his de@th was a prank?” – Reactions trail video of man who claims to share semblance with Mohbad

A man identified as @mohbadjnr has gotten people talking online as he claims to share a striking semblance with the late singer, Mohbad.

A clip making rounds on social media captures the man vibing to Chike and Mohbad’s latest song, ‘Egwu’, putting up countenances as he strived to pass as a doppelganger of the late crooner.

Sharing the video, controversial IG blog, Gistlovers wrote:

“This boy said he looks like Mohbad, Na true ?? He looks like Mohbad or Metro, which one 🤣🤣🚶🏽🚶🏽.”

Watch the video below:

The comment section was flooded with numerous remarks from netizens who had different opinions regarding the lad’s semblance to Mohbad.

One obaksolo wrote: “This one looks like METRO😂😂😂😂😂😂”

seun_dreams wrote: “He looks like metro too much with no antisocial album in his head 😢.”

tonia.gram_ wrote: “Someone said he was looking like Mohbad. When he started smiling, he come resemble Youngi Du 😂”

vanchizzy wrote: “I thought this was Mohbad until I read the caption. Chai! Can Mohbad just come back to life and tell us his de@th was a prank? Rest on King.😭.”

rosythrone wrote: “Ah first I thought it was Imole throwback not until I read caption😂 he looks so much like him.”

ble_ssing_sunday wrote: “The only person who looks like Mohbad is Liam.”

jahswillofficial wrote: “Ogbeni arrange that your face well now ! I almost type rip legend.”

next_autos wrote: “Yes he does if you close your eyes and watch the video 😕.”

lingerie_by_janellescloset01 wrote: “Dis one na Miobad rara 😂.”

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