Camphor causes Jaundice in babies – Doctor says as he warns Nigerian mothers

Camphor causes Jaundice in babies - Doctors says as he warns Nigerian mothers

A Nigerian doctor has taken to social media to warned Nigerian mothers against using camphor.

The doctor identified as Nonso said camphor used around babies could lead to jaundice.

Nonso noted that jaundice could lead to brain damage in a baby.

A Nigerian doctor has warned mothers against the use of camphor around babies. The doctor educated mothers on why and how camphor is harmful to babies, especially newborn babies.

The doctor, who shared this tip with mothers on Twitter, was identified as Nonso MD Aproko Doctor by his handle.

In his tweets, the doctor revealed that camphor is linked to the cause of jaundice in babies. He said is caused due to overproduction bilirubin which can lead to brain damage.

According to the doctor, newborn babies especially male babies lack the enzyme that protects the red blood cells from damage caused by bilirubin.

The doctor further noted that increased bilirubin could lead to brain damage, seizures, drowsiness, and abnormal cries.