“Calm down, you’re not the only one living in Banana Island” fan blasts Rudeboy


What won’t we see on Instagram. I swear that place is a vibe. I never get tired of it.

So on today’s gossip is Rudeboy, aka KingRudy. Paul Okoye is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He was part of the Psquare group which he paired with his brother Peter. Following their break out,Paul has been doing his music solo and he’s been doing quite well.

Earlier, Rudeboy shared a post from his Twitter page on Instagram. I guess it’s because he wants everyone to see this post, not only his Twitter followers because it’s sensitive.

We know that being a celebrity can be so hard, I mean, everyone wants to talk about you. Blogs are carrying your news family is putting pressure on you, the society is expecting you to put a stop to their problems, your fans are making you feel like you owe them. It’s so exhausting. So sometimes they might wanna cut off some people,for the sake of their sanity. Although, not everyone found this post funny. There was this particular guy though.