Calculator with hidden mobile phone feature stirs reactions as Netizens ask for the price and where to buy (Video)

A calculator with a hidden mobile phone feature has sparked reactions on social media, with many people commenting to inquire about its price and where to buy.

In a recently uploaded video, an individual whose face was not revealed was seen operating it.

The person activated the calculator feature, after which a phone screen was displayed, containing the workings of various math questions and equations.

The video showcasing the calculator with the phone feature has captured the attention of individuals who have flooded the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

@lilmarissa: “I need it urgently”

@tiktacnick: “Omg this should have been made back in my hs days well i aced my geometry. i sucked in trigonometry hahahaha.”

@jerryasterling: “There was a time I tried so hard to cheat by putting in the codes in my calculator, I actually learned how to do it.”

@Scott: “Am I the only one that wants the app that this person used?? What’s the name of it?”

@Pdaddy: “So why do we have to learn anything anymore if we have tools to help us do it for us?”

@m hilton: “Some employer will be sooooo lucky to hire this one. Money in the bank.”

@Joynal Hasan978: “I am student of commerce but after seeing this trigonometrical math i laughed a lot. It was so easy!!”

@kingsolomon: “Where can i get one.. not a matter of cheating but helping my kid in school work. cause i sometimes don’t know the answers.”



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