Caitlyn Jenner hoping for Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner to rekindle their romance


Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner had taken the world by storm with their past relationship and while the two are now broken up and the latter has been spotted with her ex Ben Simmons, some of us are still hoping for Cupid to take control.

And fans are not the only ones waiting for the ex-couple to rekindle as Caitlyn Jenner also stepped forward expressing hopes to see her daughter get back together with the former One Direction member.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast show, she said:

“I only met him one time at an event with Kendall and he seemed like a gentleman. I hear he plays golf, that’s good.”

“She (Kendall) always speaks very highly of him, and, yeah, I think they did (have a good connection). I don’t know whatever happened, but yeah,” she added.

Harry and Kendall had dated back in 2013 and had gotten back together in 2016 before parting ways yet again.