“Buy washing machine” – Alibaba slams man who complained about wife’s refusal to wash his clothes despite marrying her with his hard earned money

Nigerian comedian Alibaba has spoken out against a man’s outrageous expectation that his wife should wash his clothes.

The comedian shared a screenshot of a post from a man named Chinedu, who was venting about his wife’s refusal to do his laundry despite his claims of being extremely busy.

Chinedu’s post read: “Am in pains right now. A woman I married with my hard earned money has refused to wash my clothes and she knows how busy I am.”

Alibaba responded with a dose of sarcasm, suggesting that Chinedu should either invest in a washing and drying machine or hire two housemaids to take care of his laundry needs.

He wrote:

“You would have kuku jejely buy washing and drying machine, then employed 2 house help. You never busy reach.”

Reacting to the post one hrm_empress said: “No mind the sufferhead man 😂😂😂”

ovokiss reacted: “Oga, wetin do your hand? Amputated? Wash your clothes or take it to dry cleaner.”

maryanngozi suggested: “Even if she doesn’t work, they still need a house help”

jumine_faces said: “Misconstruction of sentence, it should have been “the woman I bought with my hard earned money” anuofia”

cake_vendors_connect stated: “Did you buy her? I don’t understand that line ” a woman you married with your hard earned money” …

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