Busola Dakolo shares photo of herself shopping with her husband’s debit card, Timi reacts (screenshot)

Busola Dakolo with some shopping bag

If the actions of a couple could overload someone with cuteness, the Dakolos would have done that to their fans a long time ago.

In another adorable couple moment, Busola shared a photo of herself on her Instagram page.

On the post, she expressed that her husband is in the studio recording and she is with his wallet, which holds his debit cards. She added that what is his is also hers.

The singer immediately reacted to the post after seeing. He commented under the post asking his wife to pick her call.

Read the screenshot below:

However, hours later she shared another photo of herself holding some shopping bags. On the post, she said her husband would be glad she made the move because she bought more things for him and the kids. She also noted that she loves him, saying she would go to the studio to support him.