Burnaboy Buys Massive 8-Bedroom Mansion In Lekki (Video)


Trust celebrities to flaunt their wealth at the slightest opportunity; this does not exclude Burna Boy, who is known for living a very expensive lifestyle. From luxury cars to high class properties, his name can be found at the top. 2019 was definitely a great year for Nigerian singer, Burnaboy and he has given himself a treat which he deserves. The singer splurged on a beautiful and massive mansion with 8 rooms and swimming pool in Lekki, Lagos.

Everyone who has achieved a certain success in life tries to buy real estate. As for celebrities, the place of residence is also an indicator of their status. They say, my house is my castle. Why do celebrities buy mansions? Generally, putting liquid assets into something tangible like real estate can be a big motivation for moving their money. Also, it is mostly about privacy, and having a sanctuary. I don’t have to deal with neighbors, good access to the city and not having to deal with sometimes annoying people.
Congratulations Burnaboy!

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