Burna Boy reacts as his mum confiscates his phone over his harsh remark about Davido on social media

The sensational Afrobeats icon, Burna Boy, has divulged the disciplinary action meted out by his management team, overseen by his formidable mother, Bose Ogulu, in the wake of his scathing remarks aimed at colleague Davido online.

The brouhaha ignited when a die-hard Davido fan dropped a scathing comment on Burna Boy’s timeline, dubbing him “Ode” and rubbing salt in the wound by ridiculing his loss of all four Grammy nominations.

In his usual confrontational style, Burna Boy fired back at the post, asserting that the individual featured in the Davido stan’s profile picture was the real joke, not him.

Ironically, the individual in the netizen’s profile image turned out to be none other than Davido himself.

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In an attempt to save face, the troublesome Davido fan hastily changed the person on his profile page to a photo of Burna Boy.

A short while later, Burna Boy posted on his Twitter account, mentioning that his phone had been taken away from him, likely by his mother, to stop him from causing further havoc on the internet.


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