Bukunmi Oluwashina and things you don’t know about her


Bukunmi Oluwashina is a speedily rising Yoruba Nollywood actress, movie producer, singer, musician, author and a model, she was instinctive on May 7 in Okemesi Ekiti ceremonial into a family of 7, she is the third instinctive of the family. Bukunmi Oluwashina attended Obafemi Awolowo further education college and she considered theatre art, as a talented author Bukunmi Oluwashina has in black and white approximately hurt movies and has been honoured with quite a lot of awards. For Bukunmi Oluwashina fame is actual delicate, you scarcely lost manually hurting relatives who are darling to you, own issues with observance in touch.

Bukunmi Oluwashina said that she is in a relationship but not dating anybody in the movie commerce and she alleged that she did not like to combine be success with pleasure. She does not expose the designation of the guy neither does she column the films of him. here was an allegations that Bukunmi Oluwashina is a lesbian, then again this actress denied it, she said despite the fact that she dresses like a tour boy, in her words, tour young man does not require you are a lesbian as a count of detail I don’t persuade to store female contacts nearer like I fix care for chap friends, the neighboring folks around me are altogether guys and altogether we make is to talk about problem not preak, productive exchange is the lone gadget that be able to pick up me addicted to someone, am a freaking recluse but at what time it is time for you altogether to convene my man, while he bare up you will maybe think it over him. Bukunmi Oluwashina entrance movie Ayomi won quite a few awards and she got a nominations.