Brussels attack: Third man in surveilance photo sought by Belgian police


In grainy images from surveillance footage, a man wearing light-colored clothes and a hat pushing a baggage cart through the airport was seen with the other two suicide bombers and is now being sought by the Belgian police. All three men were shown walking side by side.
Two of the men, wearing black in surveillance images, are believed to be the suicide bombers who died in the two explosions at the Brussels airport and another at a busy metro station in the Belgian capital Tuesday that killed at least 30 people and wounded 230 others.


They are so to have each had a ‘dead man switch’ inside their black gloves. With the switch, even if they had been discovered and gotten shot, the bomb would have still gone off.

According to reports, the man in the light coloured clothes was supposed to make sure the other two carried out their evil deed.


Investigators believe the one in the light-colored clothing planted a bomb at the airport, then left but the bomb didn’t go off. Authorities called him a wanted man and asked for the public’s help tracking him down.

A break in the investigation may have come from a taxi driver who said he took the suspects to the airport.
The driver contacted authorities after seeing surveillance video of the three men and gave them the address where he picked the men up, according to two U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.

That information prompted authorities to raid a residence after the attacks, the officials said.
Investigators found a nail bomb, chemical products and an ISIS flag during a house search in the northeast Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek., Belgium’s federal prosecutor said in a statement.

Source: Fox News/CNN


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