Broda Shagi Show Off His New Car For Sunday Ramble (Photos)


Samuel animashaun perry who is know by his profession which is comedy as broda shagi (oya hit me in his comedy skit) was born and brought up in lagos, he is also know as the finest area boy who has a diverse of ways in making fans to be happy.

Brother shagi was motivated by his father who taught drama in a school at out state, he played several part which was loved by his people and that gave him more courage to make it as a part of his profession.

Broda shaggy today show off his newly purchased car which he want to use for Sunday ramble in this month of march to show fans that are around how much he appreciate them.

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Broda shagi who always get thumbs up in all action he took which looks kind of dramatic and everyone thought of good about him telling and complimenting him that he is hilarious, he is going to make if he should engage his action into drama, which he did today and finally it pays him. Shagi ready to ramble with his new car.