Britain “at very dangerous moment”, deputy chief medical officer says


Britain is at a very dangerous moment as it starts to ease some of its lockdown measures, England’s deputy chief medical officer said on Saturday, warning that people would need to follow the guidelines and not “tear the pants out of it”.

Jonathan Van Tam joined other scientific advisors to the government in warning against the decision to ease England’s lockdown.

Van Tam told the government’s daily briefing that people have got to be “sensible and proportionate with the freedom that we absolutely want to give to people because we need to see loved ones”.

He said the public needed “to actually follow the guidance, don’t tear the pants out of it, and don’t go further than the guidance actually says”.

Britain’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, also called Sage, was very clear that the easing of lockdown has to go painstakingly slowly, he said, adding that scientists would continue to unapologetically give that advice to the government.