Bridesmaid embarrasses bride on wedding day, shares messy dating history

A bride’s perfect wedding turned into a nightmare after her drunk bridesmaid gave a speech detailing her messy dating history.

The incident horrified the bride, and her new husband ordered that the maid of honor be cut off from their lives.

According to The Mirror US, the bride chose her childhood friend as her bridesmaid for her wedding because she trusted he

The bride stated that she wanted the remarks to be kept brief to avoid humiliation. However, on the big day, the bridesmaid became tipsy before the wedding began and delivered a far-from-tame speech.

The bride while speaking to The Mirror US said; “I’ve known my maid of honor since we were kids and even though we’re total opposites, we’ve also been really close. So when it came to choosing a maid of honor, she was my first choice – despite my husband voicing some concern over her drunken antics.

“But I trusted her implicitly and made clear to her that when it came to the wedding and the speech, it was important to me that everything be kept as tame as possible so as to avoid any embarrassment in front of my family and my new in-laws. She promised that she’d keep things ‘PG’ ahead of the day and reassured me that she was going to ‘lean into the emotion rather than the humor’ for her speech.”

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