Nwosu Hails PMB Over Creation Of Humanitarian Service Ministry


Governorship candidate of the Action Alliance in the last election in Imo State, Chief Uche Nwosu has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for creating Ministry of Humanitarian Service and Disaster Management.

Nwosu, who gave the commendation, while speaking with some journalists in Abuja, also appealed to the President to invest more on Youth Development.

According to him, if the President would be able to solve the problems of the Youths for 50% he would have solved most of Nigerians problem.

Speaking, he said, “I want too commend the President for creating Ministry Humanitarian Services and Disaster Management.

“Such Ministry would help to address the problems of the needy

“l will also appeal to the president to invest more on Youths Development. If he was able to solve the problems of the Youths 50% he would have solved Nigerians problem half.”

The governorship candidate also commended the appropriation bill as presented by the President.

According to him, those who are criticizing the budget should study the budget well before criticizing.

“First of all before anybody criticize the budget, he has to take the budget, go through it one item after the other. Not when you just take a window look at the budget you conclude.

“For me, the budget is a welcome budget and it would conclude most of the things that were not concluded in 2019 budget. You can see that you don’t go and start new projects and this makes me happy with Mr. President.

You don’t go and say you are constructing another road now from Kaduna to Bauchi when the one you started you have not completed it. You abandon one and start another one, that is not a good way to handle budget.”

However, he said that the President should consider supplementary budget for Ministry of Works and Housing for infrastructure development.

On the issue of 2023 presidential election and agitations that have started, he said, “For me, it’s very, very too early to start that.

“We have a sitting President and we have so many years to go. I think people should just kill this issue of 2023 and allow Mr. President to be focused and finish his four years second term that would end in 2023. For me its not in the best interest of the country for anybody to start talking about 2023 now.

So, the President should be giving all necessary support. Every idea of good governance anybody has let him give it to Mr. President let us keep the country moving and when we come close to 2023 we will know where we are going. But for now every support should go to the President, President Muhammadu Buhari.”