BREAKING: Finally! NASA accepts and also confirms the existence of UFOs


It seems NASA could not deny the UFO phenomenon. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration confirmed the existence of UFOs throughout history of mankind in an incendiary document that was published on the official website.

The famous document is called “Unidentified flying objects in classical antiquity”. The document shows how people who lived in antiquity have noticed a lot of strange phenomena in the sky and after a very thorough study, they have come to the conclusion that these phenomena can not be attributed to natural phenomena.

Only a very small number of events had natural causes. Some examples are: moon or sunshine and comets. But these misunderstood natural phenomena represent an extremely small percentage compared to the UFO observations of ancient times.

The author of this document, published by NASA, states that UFO phenomena in the ancient times are strikingly striking with what is happening today. The testimonies of those who have seen or interacted with a UFO are almost identical to the ancient writings or drawings of those times.

Apparently the antithetical witnesses used military terms to report these paranormal incidents.

In Rome, in a difficult winter in 218 BC a lot of “ships” appeared in the sky.

In 212 BC “in Reate’s giant stone was seen flying high speed in the sky”.

In 173 BC “in Lanuvium an entire fleet was seen flying over the area”.

In 154 BC “in Compsa the witnesses saw some weapons flying in the sky”.

In 104 BC “many witnesses saw again guns that were walking unhindered in the sky”.

In 100 BC “in Rome was observed a colossal round shield that flew from west to east and scattered sparks and flames around it”.

In 43 BC “people saw what seemed like a huge ship as it rose from the ground and started flying while making an deafening noise”.

In Judea somewhere in 65 AD, chariots in the air were spotted, strolling unhindered among the clouds.

During the Punic War, there were reports of a lot of spheres of fire falling from the sky. Many might say that these spheres of fire may be meteorites, but the way this event is narrated shows that the spheres of fire were something else.

In 217 BC “two red moons took off in daylight and at one point one of the red moons collapsed on the ground.”

In 168 BC, in the form of a battle between Aemilius Paullus and the Persian king of Macedonia, it was quite clear how “a huge sphere similar to a moon suddenly appeared above the battlefield.”

In 91 BC, the entire population of Rome could see how a huge brilliant ball bounced off the Earth producing a deafening noise.

In 74 BC, Plutarch himself testifies how he saw a silver metallic object falling from the sky.

In 285 AD, in the Egyptian desert, Anton saw a silver disc suddenly appear in front of him. And after a short period of time, the silver disc vanished into thin air.

In 150 AD, on a clear day of summer, the witnesses tell how a huge bible appeared at an altitude of about 100 feet, pulling flames on all sides and landing on a cloud, accompanied by a “maiden” in white.

The author of this document confesses that these witness accounts can only be situations where many people have seen alien technology and have tried to explain it later. Many accounts come from very credible sources, such as great personalities from antiquity, kings, famous historians.

Most of the UFO phenomena in antiquity resemble: shape disk or spheres; silver, gold or red; metallic textures; glowing orbs; the sound is not usually reported; and the type of movement is generally hovering or very fast moves and very tight turns.