“Bragging is like an empty barrel rolling down the corridor ” #Bbnaija Season 4 reunion


It’s day 3 of Nigeria’s biggest TV show and our ex-housemates are giving all the pepper in the Bbnaija reunion. And the main question of the day was which housemate did you feel bragged alot in the house, and the following names rang from housemate to housemate; Tacha, Omashola and Saying.

Now Diana felt that Omashola bragged alot about the arena games and it was allowed because he was good at it. Another housemate stated that she felt that arrogance ,bragging and being a dictator was a card that Seyi played in the house.

Kimoprah felt that Tacha alot through out her stay in the house and before entering making comments like ;I came to the big brother naija house to win the money and the rest of the housemates are just my escort ,I have an army outside the house and alot of people out there want me in the house. Tacha then replied that she at no point in her stay in the bbnaija knowingly or consciously intended to brag or make anyone feel intimidated but “As an alpha female I can’t help it if people feel intimidated by me and I will do and say anything to motivate myself because no one will do it for me”, If you feel intimidated by me you need to fix your insecurities.

Venita then stated; nobody should feel the need to bring people down to feel good about themselves and I think she (Tacha) will learn that with time, I was like that when I was younger.Seyi also chipped in there is difference between Bragging which is as a result of your insecurities manifesting and Confidence which you have after dealing with your insecurities.Tacha in turn replied that there was a difference between Confident which she is and Arrogant , I was never bragging or putting anyone down it was your insecurities playing down on you.

Seyi finally added “Bragging is like an empty barrel rolling down the corridor void and making the loudest noise “.Ebuka the day’s show with the quote

“You were born to be real not perfect”
After the show fans rushed to twitter to drop and air their opinion