Bovi’s Reaction on viral pre-wedding photos of Soldier and her groom–to be


Comedian and actor, Bovi has shared his thoughts on this couple’s viral pre-wedding photos.Remember I posted the photos yesterday and noted some said it didn’t portray the Nigerian army in good light.

He wrote
I saw this picture and a few others on the blogs today. It was reported as a pre-wedding photoshoot and the characters involved are supposedly an intending couple.

Many have hailed it as creative and that just lacerates my heart because it’s obvious we as a people have eventually accepted as normal that which is absolutely abnormal. A soldier, no matter the posting is ultimately trained for combat. They are programmed for battle.

In brighter climes, you will never see a soldier in public. They’re either in the barracks or the war front. I’m suppressing the urge to compare and contrast so I will just ask some questions. Is a soldier supposed to hold a gun or a stick? Is a soldier meant to punish a civilian? Is a soldier meant to assault? Is a soldier meant to obey traffic laws? Is a soldier meant to seize camouflage apparel worn by civilians? Is a soldier above the law? I beg to be informed. Help wipe off my ignorance. I wish the couple a happy union ! And shout out to the true soldiers out there defending the existence of Nigeria with their lives and the fine officers who have maintained the dignity of this revered profession in the face of this skewed practices!


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