Born with blue eyes, she was abandoned by her parents at birth, how can she change her life?


Blue eyes is the color of fairy eyes in fairy tales, which seems to increase flexibility. But in children, blue eyes have become a disease.

There is a little girl in China. When she was born, she had her own blue eyes.

That’s because these eyes are different from ordinary people. The little girl was abandoned by her parents and lost her mother’s love since she was young.

It should have been an innocent age, growing up safely in my mother’s infancy, but because of my physiological defects, I lost the chance of healthy growth.

After the girl was abandoned, she was adopted by a welfare institution and sent to the hospital for treatment. The child’s eyes have missed the best opportunity to cure. That is to say, if the operation is carried out early, the child’s eyes can still have the eyes of ordinary people.

Later, the welfare home issued a notice to raise the little girl. An American couple decided to adopt her at the first sight, no matter how much they spent.

The blue eyed girl, adopted by an American couple, began to change her life.

The American couple had two children, and four of them were very happy. It was a kind of destiny to adopt the abandoned Chinese baby, because they felt that they had this mission to cure the girl at the first sight.

After adoption, the blue eyed girl’s condition worsened. Originally, her vision was blurred. At last, there was a big pupil and a small pupil. If she was not treated in time, her life might be in danger.

American couples did their best to help the little girl through the difficulties.

If the little girl has been able to eat like a normal child, it’s a great relief for the American couple. A family of five people get together and can’t see that the blue eyed girl is adopted. Her brother and sister also give her endless care.

The blue eyed girl is unfortunate, because she was born different from ordinary children, but at the same time, she is also lucky, because she met a warm-hearted American couple.

The couple named the blue eyed girl Primrose, which means that the little girl can bloom her life like a flower.