Bollywood actress and Arsenal ambassador Esha Gupta forced to apologise over racist comment about Alex Iwobi (Screenshots)

Bollywood actress and Arsenal ambassador, Esha Gupta, has been forced to apologize after she was slammed online over a racist remark against Nigerian footballer Alex Iwobi.

The 33-year-old who is a well-known Arsenal fan and ex-girlfriend of defender Hector Bellerin was reacting to Gunners’ FA Cup defeat by Manchester United when the racist remark was made.

She posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between herself and another person on Instagram where Alex Iwobi was described as a ‘gorilla.’

In the image, she shared, Esha who helped the club launch a kit in 2017, received messages from @Varun_Gupta17 which read: “Solves our winger issues. I can’t see that gorilla faced Iwobi running down the flank again. He’s so bad ya.”

She replied: ‘Hahahahahaha I honestly dunno why they don’t bench him more.’

Varun_Gupta17 added: ‘It’s like evolution stopped for him. Didn’t change from Neanderthal to man.’

This didn’t go down well for Arsenal ambassador as she was blasted by many, forcing her to publicly tender an apology.

She wrote on Twitter: “Guys I’m sorry you thought it was racist. Was bad on my part, being a sports love, Wallah meant it. Sorry guys forgive the stupidity.”

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