“Boil Stoney ginger beer, Med-Lemon, and Grandpa to defeat coronavirus,” South Africa Minister tells


Minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize advised South Africans to treat coronavirus just like the bad flu.

“We, South Africans do not visit doctors for flu because we have our own effective home remedies that heal the flu faster than anything seen before”. Said the minister.

According to him, coronavirus is basically a very aggressive flu and it can be treated the same way regular flu is treated we just have to up the dosage. “I’ve visited two coronavirus patients two days ago and they all have flu-like symptoms and they told me they feel like they have flu so I advised them to use the well known South African home remedy and see if it works”

Minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize

According to Zweli Mkhize, the two coronavirus patients he visited recovered using the remedy.

“I received a call this morning saying they both recovered by using the Stoney ginger beer trick, I am not saying this is official medical advice but for now seeing that there is no vaccine yet I am prescribing it to all South Africans who tested positive of coronavirus”

The home remedy ingredients are as follows:

Stoney ginger beer

Paracetamol, preferably Grandpa


Dosage of your discretion

Boil the Stoney ginger beer with the paracetamol and Med-Lemon then drink as hot as you can, go to bed and lay under the sheets. You’ll sweat a lot but do not remove the covers until the sweating stops.

Side effects: You might feel pains in your kidneys