“Body differs, don’t see her tummy and start pressuring yourself” – Lady causes buzz as she shows off her stomach one month after giving birth to triplets via C-section (Video)

A beautiful lady proudly displays her postpartum body just one month after delivering triplets via C-section.

The lady, @officialstaciaa, as identified on Instagram, recently gave birth to triplets with her Caucasian husband via Cesarean section about a month ago.

She proudly displayed her slightly protruding stomach, garnering admiration from online users who praised her beauty despite having just delivered triplets.

Captioning the  video, she wrote: “POV: my stomach one month after having my triplet via C-section.”

See comments from netizens

sweetylyx said: “This her one month tummy looks like my tummy after eating one plate of semo and egusi😭”

B_unique said: “For someone who just birthed triplets, she looks wayyyyy too good 😍”

anniehaircollection stated: “Body differs…don’t see her tummy and start pressuring yourself😊❤️”

weightlossproducts wrote: “Just heal well sis. The Internet doesn’t deserve this news. Congratulations ❤️”

yourclosetmatters said: “May you carry your baby/babies this year to all TTC and Expectant Mothers 🙏🏻”

queen_anita advised: “Bodies are different after Childbirth, don’t pressure yourself 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽”

derbhy said: “My queen you look goo, you carried 3 humans biko 😍❤️”

khasome said: “This is my stomach now and I never born 😂”

voksbabe wrote: “U had triplets and your stomach is small like this 😮😮girl u are lucky. B4 your babies will be one year, your stomach will be very flat. So relax sis.”


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