Body cam footage released of aftermath of Nick Gordon domestic violence incident; girlfriend claims Gordon was suicidal and said he “wants to be with his angels”


Nick Gordon had a domestic violence incident with his on-and-off girlfriend Laura Leal last week and body cam footage taken when officials arrived has been released.

In the incident, Gordon reportedly phoned officials to report that he’d been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of his girlfriend. However, when officials arrived, they noticed Leal had injuries on her body so they turned to Gordon as the assailant.

Gordon then attempted to plead his case, on camera. As an officer questions Gordon about the incident, he begins to cry hysterically, as he blames Leal’s craziness for the incident.

“Do you see what happened?” he cried and showed the officer his torn-up shirt. “She flipped out like I can’t do this anymore. I can’t.”

He continues: “She called the cops on me for this before. I’m tired of this. I’m a famous person, she’s done this to me. She scratched me, she beat me.

He goes on to deny ever putting hands on Leal, saying: “Never, I would never. She accused me of this before. I called you guys. I’m tired of it.”

In Leal’s statement to officials, she said: “He punched me, he slapped me a couple times in my face.”

She added that he had a few drinks prior to the incident.

“He wanted to be with his angels and I can’t handle it. He wants to be with his angels,” Leal said. The angels are allegedly Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina.

However, Gordon denied that he was suicidal.

Below is the video.


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