Bobrisky’s cover has been blown Out [ photo]


The cross dresser and Instagram influencer, Bobrisky made a post this morning where he said he flew First Class again while travelling. In his words people are not allowed to fly First Class twice in a week but then he’s a rich babe and no one can dare stop him.

An Instagram user took to the comment section to debunk all that Bobrisky said. She said she flew economy class and Bobrisky was also in there. She further recounted that Bob’s face is filled with rashes and that social media is a scam.

People of God, our very own Bobrisky has been called out. He’s yet to respond to that comment but he’s fans are sure not happy with this.

Do you think Bobrisky has been pretending all this while?

Is his own First Class, audio First Class?

Do you think social media is an avenue for celebrities to showcase fake lifestyles?