“Bobrisky you have killed yourself, You will be sorry the day you realize it”


Few hours ago the cross dresser Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky posted a beautiful picture of herself on her Instagram page.


On the post she asked her fans how much they will be collecting for her bride price so her future husband can be prepared.

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In her words she wote,

“How much are my fans collecting for my BRIDE PRICE, so my future husband can be prepared”.

Bobrisky’s post brought a lot attention from her fans and followers as they liked and commented on the post.Many Instagram users were replying different prices for the bride price.

Some said N1 billion,some $1billion and so many others. But an Instagram user with the username “Chidi_blaq” decided to slam Bobrisky.

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In his comment he said,

“Boy u don kill yourself..D day u go realize am ehh e go mad you”.

See Bobrisky’s post and Chidi’s comment below.

As we all know Bobrisky was naturally a man who transformed himself into a woman.But what we don’t know is if Bobrisky is completely a woman.

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