Bobrisky shows new kinky photos “i slay better”


Who doesn’t love how Bobrisky graces our social media pages with is glamourous makeup looks and outfit as he dances to background musics and shakes his back and front side in our face. In admiration of Bobrisky, we have put together a style list that shows how his style has evolved and how he has become an unlikely style icon and truly transformed into the Barbie doll he always wanted to be.


Bobrisky is truly living his best life and  Sincehe has be coming out, he has fully embraced his newly found female identity and become the most fashionable of style icons. Bobrisky has certainly doesn’t do anything by halves. The entertaining snapchatter changes his hair every week and despite claiming to rarely leave the house, has a seemingly never-ending wardrobe.


He has got a thing for coloured hair and you can trust us when we say he rocks them in the best possible way. Bobrisky rocked his lowcut for sometime before he became more popular and yet he slayed like a pro but he is not one to stay tied down to one look; when he deviates, you can expect to see him rocking a fiercely coloured hair do.

Bobrisky looks good

Bobriksy has definitely got a great sense of fashion style and he is definitely not one who leaves his beauty looks to chance. He has been sporting show-stopping, glowing makeup and sleek hair do since he came into the spotlight and we have been crushing on his subtle glam makeup style.


Whether he is styling for the red carpet or just a casual slay, you can expect his makeup look to consist of bronze or gold eyeshadow paired with a nude-inspired lip stain, topped with gloss. He has proven that no one rocks subtle glam makeup quite as he does and we can attest to it.

He has never been boring with his beauty looks, constantly switching from one bold look to an even bolder one. From casual, the elegant to extravagant, Bobrisky has rocked almost every colour on and off the rainbow. The hairstyles, though daring, are usually simple and classy.


He nails his looks with so much confidence and poise which makes him all the more inspiring. He has also mastered the art of switching up his looks with such ease and sway. From being bold and daring to being the cool, barbie doll-next-door, and even a corporate persona, Bobo toh risky sure is that celebrity that keeps everyone on their toes.