Bobrisky gives ladies tips on how to be smart for their boyfriends to spend on them


Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has given ladies some tips to follow to be smart for their boyfriends to spend on them as they see outside.

Bobrisky posted on her Instagram page bragging as she claims she laughs whenever she hears some ladies complain about how their boyfriends don’t spend on them.

According to her, the men don’t spend on them because they talk too much and also give these men pressure to take them out.

She, therefore, advised these ladies to make sure they close their mouths and satisfy their men indoor and pretend not to know them outside when they are married.

I laughed so hard when some girls complain men don’t spend on them… They don’t spend on u because ur mouth is not close 🙄🙄🙄. Fuck him indoor, and be his enemy outdoor or pretend u don’t know him outdoor. That is how to be smart. Some of you will ask him to take u out so you can cast him abi 🙄? Especially when he is married or in a serious relationship