Bobrisky gifts fan, claire, an iPhone and 100k for standing up for him


Nigerian transvestite, Bobrisky is one of the most generous Nigerian celebrity. It can be noticed from the giveaways done on his Instagram page. Despite being one of the most hated celebrities in Nigeria, Bobrisky still gives cash to both fans and haters. This speaks a lot about his kindhearted spirit. Bobrisky who recently promised to share a sum of N100,000 amongst twenty of his fans decided to give all of the cash to a fan. The fan who he describes as a true fan defended him on a blog, after the blogger publicly lashed him. According to him, he fell in love with her after reading her reply.

The fan who goes by the name, Clare Chisom also got an iPhone from Bobrisky alongside the N100,000. The Nigerian Transvestite shared a video of the iPhone on his Instagram page. He further went on saying he had previously given his money to two-faced fans who always praised him only on his page.

Bobrisky had recently revealed his wedding plans, assigning his close friends to different sections. Whether it’s a stunt or not, Nigerians can’t wait for the wedding as it would come along with a lot of drama.