Bobrisky fights dirty as he releases links to Very Dark Man’s gay p**n videos

Nigerians started the year with the motto “No gree for anybody”, and Bobrisky must have taken the motto to heart because he is bringing out all the weapons in his arsenal for his beef with Very Dark Man.

Both of them have been dragging each other, and Very Dark Man even had to tender an apology to Bobrisky, which he rejected.

Bobrisky was clearly not done with Very Dark Man, as he took to Instagram to share a shocking revelation. He shared a screenshot of a link to a site, where Very Dark Man allegedly featured in gay p**n. Bobrisky didn’t type out the name of the website, but it is clearly visible with the screenshot he shared.

Screenshot below…

There has hardly been any online fight that Bobrisky has lost because he backs up his claims with receipts, and this case is no different. Recall that Bobrisky had alleged that Very Dark Man slept with men in the past when he was dragging him online. This link is Bobrisky’s proof for his allegation, and whether it is is legit or not remains to be discovered upon further investigation.

Bobrisky might be spiteful towards Very Dark Man over their fight, but this issue of him sleeping with men is not news. In fact, Very Dark Man himself has admitted to pleasuring men in exchange for money. This could be what prompted Bobrisky to say that Very Dark Man doesn’t like women, and that is why he keeps dragging them online.

The best way to describe the fight between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky is through a proverb which says: ”let sleeping dogs lie”, and this is because Bobrisky didn’t just wake up and decide to drag Very Dark Man. His actions were incited from the fact that Very Dark Man called for his arrest, after claiming that Bobrisky sleeps with lawmakers, hence his immunity against the law, despite the fact that he is gay. Bobrisky has never been scared of a fight, and that is why we are here, unraveling allegations been thrown by both parties.

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