Bobrisky Deletes Post In Shame As Teenage Girl Curses Him


Okuneye Idris more popularly known as Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet/social media influencer, brand promoter and entertainer.

Bobrisky is always trending for one reason or another, what has she done again?

Well she took to Instagram and made as usual making fun of a business associate she has snubbed for years now even going as far as posting their chats for the public to see.

As always, Bobrisky would do anything to trend and have people talk about her but this teenage girl did not take it lightly with her as she said it clearly in the comments section that Bob is being childish.

Although at the moment she has deleted this post probably due to shame.

What do you think, does Bobrisky make issues out of infinitesimal things, is she really being childish?