“Bobrisky Can Make Heaven” – Nigeria Lady Lament


We’re not supposed to be judging, honestly. But as human beings, can we really help it? In the end is that not all we do ? Make judgement calls, weigh the life of some people against others’ ? Decide based on our beliefs who is worthy and who’s not? Yeah, that is what we do. Every now and then.

And more often than not, many of our philosophies tend to be just lies and illusions, passed down from one generation to another, hiding under the cover of unknown mysteries. Just like what religion is, the nature of God and how heaven works. Sure, every religion tends to know how the afterlife is gonna work. Nobody is even acting like “well, who knows?”

But one thing is sure, if there is a place like Heaven, good people will likely go there, and if there is Hell, bad people should definitely end up there. That is a mildly reasonable conclusion, and billions of people accept it worldwide. Now judging by that earmark, our conclusions on heaven are not based on empirical facts, they are mostly just products of cultural relativism. So what is a sin here may not be a sin there. So who you think might not make heaven, in your own culture, some other belief systems might just let him slide.

Weeks ago, I was doing a story on Bobrisky, one od the most popular celebrities and influencers in the entertainment industry. What’s he known for? Well, he’s completely transformed himself from an ugly man into a beautiful woman. And this seems to paying off big for him.

Now the problem is, our culture doesn’t even support anything like homosexuality, transgender or whatever. In short the whole LGBTQIA movement. And we end up thinking “these people might just end up in hell fire, on the last day.”

But while I was doing the story, I was writing on my Notepad and a man approached me. It was a public place where I was charging, and I didn’t know anyone there. He asked me if he could charge to, I said yes. Minutes later, he glanced through what I was writing, and said “Bobrisky, huh?” I immediately asked, what about him.

Then he went on to explain to me why he thinks Bobrisky can make heaven, if he’s a believer. I asked how can someone like Bob be a believer and then he explained it to me. He said Bobrisky is an entertainer, just like Woli Agba (a comedian who acts a parody of a white garment prophet) or even Mike Bamiloye, who acts an occultist in movies sometimes.

All of these things are just entertainment, and they don’t count. In fact, he said he’s seen some of Bobrisky’s posts and stuff and he thinks the reason why he (Bobrisky) is enjoying this so much is because it’s all an act. Bobrisky may not actually be gay, he might believe in God and can actually make heaven, if his ways are right before the Lord.

He then went on to to tell me about the story of Prophet Hosea in the bible, who had to marry a harlot just to prove a point to the people of Israel. In fact, the bible recorded that God asked him to. That, was just performing arts. It’s no different from what Bobrisky is doing. And has nothing to do with whether he makes heaven or not, so Christians better soon judging, he said. Many of us are sinners.

All that weren’t too shocking, no, not really. The shocker came when he said “I am a Pastor, I attended Bible School for four years and I studied these things” then he showed me his ID. I was literally shocked. Since then, been wanting to publish something and just share my experience.