Bobrisky calls COVID-19 a ‘rubbish virus’ as he share new slaying photos


And one of then is controversial Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, known on stage as Bobrisky, to the extent she referred to the much dreaded virus as “rubbish’.

The fashionista took to his Instagram page to share a couple of photos this evening, and in one of the post, he captioned it: “So because there is one rubbish virus flying everywhere, I won’t slay my normal slaying again. Mtcheww, I slap the virus”.

It’s obvious Bobrisky is not happy with the crisis the virus has generated, especially limited certain human activities, as he is one who love to live in the world of luxuries and show off.

But sadly for the popular cross dresser, all social gathering is no more a fun business in Nigeria and most part of the world, currently.

So, let him channel the energy towards helping in the campaign for total compliance to all the stipulated or laid out health tips and measures towards curbing the further spread of the Corona Virus.