Bobrisky blows – “You ingrate, i made 17 million naira for you in 1 month”


Popular Nigerian crossdresser and business “woman” Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky has lashed out at an ex business partner Rosemary after the both fell out!

The duo where previously business partners in an eye lashes production and marketing business called Bob wings.

However what exactly lead to the fall out is what we are not privy of, but it all began when Rosemary called out Bobrisky for embezzling her 7million naira which Bobrisky has consistently denied, seems another popular blogger (Gistlover) happen to be on the side of Rosemary, this has sent Bobrisky on overdrive with Bob lashing out at both Rosemary and the Gistlover blog.

In one of the rants Bobrisky was quoted as saying “Look at how much I made for that Ingrate called Rosemary in one month, 17,000,000. When it comes marketing skills no can beat me in that. 17,000,000 on eye lashes and some people are saying rubbish without finding d truth”

This was backed up with screenshots of credit alerts with an account balance of #17million.

Bobrisky continued by promising to roll out “her” own eye lashes brand next month.