Bobrisky Becomes Ambassador Of Spa Company In Abuja


Bobrisky is undoubtedly the most talked about entertainer and celebrity in Nigeria, and she (honestly, let’s just stick to she) needs no introduction anywhere in the entertainment industry. All that clout talk and moral judgement on whether anyone should be thrilled by her or even be her fan, is far behind us. Nobody’s judging anymore. She can be whatever she wants.

What is not over however, is Bobrisky’s continued captivation by showcasing her stunning looks, the beautiful dresses, the makeup, the hair, her booty, everything. Apparently, Bobrisky won’t be slowing down in 2020. No, that’s definitely not part of her new year’s resolution.

We’re just a few weeks into the year 2020 and Bobrisky is already doing those wonders, even better than last year. Every now and then he’s always promoting brands that does his makeup and styling and stuff. And he’s definitely securing the bad by doing these deals.

The latest of the deals on ground is the one he just announced on the Gram, sharing the video of the contract signing to teeming millions of followers. The new ambassadorship deal is with Abuja’s No 1 Spa & Wellness Centre, Kanary Wellness.

See screenshot of the post below.