Blood ran cold as Italy records 766 COVID-19 deaths


Italy registered 766 more deaths from Covid-19 on Friday – 6 more than Thursday – and remains the country worst affected by the outbreak with a total of 14,681 deaths. However, new infections continue to slow down, raising hopes of turnaround.

Some 85,388 are currently infected with an increase of 2,339 new cases, 138 less than Thursday. Some 1,480 have recovered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number to 19,758.

In total, 119,827 people have tested positive with coronavirus in Italy, including people who have died, recovered and the ones who are currently infected.

Lockdown in the country could be extended until May 1 and ‘phase two’ of living with the virus can begin in mid-May, Emergency Commissioner Angelo Borrelli said Friday.

The government has officially extended the coronavirus lockdown until Easter in mid-April, but Borrelli stressed the importance of keeping to “the most rigorous conduct in observing lockdown rules’’.

‘’The date of emerging from lockdown is still not certain at all”, Borrelli added.

In the meantime, 77 health workers in Italy have died from coronavirus since the outbreak there began, as medics work relentlessly to try to turn the tide in Europe’s worst-affected country.

The majority were on the frontline in the badly affected northern regions and contracted the illness at the start of the outbreak when protective equipment was lacking.