Blogger gets revenge on cheating Ex-Boyfriend by exposing him on an Instagram sponsored Ad


There are many things you can do when you’ve just broken up with someone, and there are a thousand more things you can do if your partner cheated on you. But this girl got her revenge on her unfaithful ex-boyfriend by exposing him in the most savage way.

A Singaporan food and travel blogger, Hilary, who found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her, decided to expose him through a “sponsored” Instagram story that has been going around in the past week.

The photo shows Hilary posing with her ex-boyfriend with the words:

“Lies after lies. Over and over again. You made me feel like I was never enough. When there was another girl all along.”

“While time would heal my wounds, the scar will always remain. And I may even forgive but I will never forget. Goodbye.”

One netizen, who came across the post from Hilary’s SGNomster account, took a screenshot and uploaded it to Facebook questioning why he was a ‘target audience’ for the sponsored ad.

“No idea who this girl is but I am so impressed that she took out an instagram ad to shame her cheating boyfriend??????” he wrote in the post which has since gained 4,900 shares and 2,300 likes at the time of writing.

“Also why am I in the target audience for this?!”

She also uploaded a few posts on her story highlights, talking about her hunches when she first started suspecting that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her, but has since been removed.

However, Coconuts was able to jot down a couple of sentences from her posts.

“Dec – You’ve been texting. A lot. But who? Couldn’t make out her name as you tried to hide it,” one of the posts read.

“Jan – it was never to be found out. The overseas picture is on her fb but not yours. That was 4 months ago. I felt faint. I thought you were busy?”

Other netizens who saw it applauded her and said that this man had what’s coming for him. Many also extended their sympathies to what had happened and hoped she’ll recover from this experience quickly.

Wew, gurl! That was savage as heck! What a way to expose an unfaithful man.