Blessing Okagbare might be heading into another relationship disaster, after her post on Instagram


Blessing Okagbare, an internationally recognized Nigerian field and track athlete, about some days ago filed a divorce suit against her husband Igho Otegheri, who once played for the Super Eagles Of Nigeria, after six years of their marriage. Why did things fall apart for the happily married couples, who got married around November 2014, in Sapele, Delta State so quickly ?

The couple after their marriage relocated to the United States of America, before breaking up, the reason to this was based on infidelity, laziness and other unreconcilable differences among the two.

This process taken by Blessing Okagbare is like a dash to the finishing line barely after the starting gun of which, I do not know how else to qualify her decision. If the Court grants Blessing Okagbare’s divorce suit, it means her name will be among the names of superstars who started their carrier with their loved one but didn’t end it with them.

After Blessing Okagbare finished her education, the only sound she was familiar with is the sound of the starter’s gun, of which after winning numerous races for about 10 years, she decided to settle down her life with ex- Super Eagles player, which the duo’s marriage is now heading to an end.

According to the two’s tradition and norm, it is required for any woman divorcing her husband to return the bride price back,of which Blessing Okagbare has not done that yet.

However today, Blessing Okagbare posted a post on her storyline on Instagram telling men who have interest in her to write 500 letter words, which will describe to her how those who applied will treat her during relationship and that the letter must show how the new applicants won’t waste her time.

I hope Blessing is not heading to another heartbreak,as writing 500 letter words to address the issue of emotion might be a really wrong approach. For any man who is ready to waste a lady’s time, writing letter is the least he could do, till he gets what he wants from her.