‘Black Friday’ headline shameful – Lukaku’s agent


Romelu Lukaku’s agent says he is “ashamed” by Corriere dello Sport’s ‘Black Friday’ headline in Thursday’s edition of the newspaper.

The Italian daily has been accused of fuelling racism with its front page ‘Black Friday’ headline which the paper ran alongside pictures of Inter Milan striker Lukaku and Roma defender Chris Smalling.

The two former Manchester United team-mates will face each other in Friday’s Serie A meeting between the two teams.

Lukaku’s agent, Federico Pastorello, says authorities are not treating racism seriously after another high profile incident involving his client and claimed it was a wider “cultural” issue affecting society outside of football.

“Being Italian I’m really ashamed to read a title like that but I really don’t want to talk about a single episode,” Pastorello told Sky Sports News.

“At the end of the day the racist problem is a big problem. Unfortunately, we are living in 1920. It’s really a culture problem.

“Being an agent we are trying to protect our clients from this huge problem because it’s not only a newspaper but it’s a problem you can breathe in the stadium, in social media, on the street.