Black Face threatens lawsuit over 2baba, Faze intention to perform plantashun Boiz song

L-R Black face, 2baba, and; Face

Former member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz, Black Face, has sent a cease and desist letter to 2baba, Faze and Ruggedman.

According to the legal document, this is to prevent them from performing any materials of Plantashun Boiz.

The document further stated that the two should focus on performing their own songs.

It appears the age-long beef between Black Face and his former Plantashun Boiz members, 2baba and Faze is nowhere close to ending as he recently sent them; including Ruggedman, a cease and desist letter regarding performing materials belonging to Plantashun Boiz at their various events.

According to him, his decision was influenced by his need to stop them from damaging the brand any further due to their lack of proper preparations and rehearsals. The document further stated that the two should focus on performing materials solely made by them.

Sharing the legal document, he wrote: “Over the years this act of going to perform materials of PlantashunBoiz at events without rehearsals and proper preparations has prompted me and my legal team to sound this as an advice to @ruggedybaba @2baba_official1 & @fazealone not to continue damaging the image of the band and concentrate on performing works solely made by them individually and none from the band or written by myself…thank you.”