Blac Chyna explains where things went wrong between her and the Kardashian family and how she began dating Rob (video)


Blac Chyna sat with TV host Wendy Williams to talk about her relationship with the Kardashians, how things went sour, and how she began dating the only son in the family, Rob Kardashian.

Chyna used to date Tyga and has a son with him. She was also best friends with Kim Kardashian. Then things went south between them when kim’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner began dating Chyna’s baby daddy, Tyga. Chyna gave Wendy details of how her relationship with the Kardashian/Jenner family went wrong.

Blac Chyna explains where things went wrong between her and the Kardashian family and how she began dating Rob (video)

Chyna confirmed that Tyga never cheated on her, but said “something did kind of expedite” their breakup, referencing Kylie Jenner.

She told Wendy: 

Tyga started dating Kylie. After that happened, that’s when, of course, the family kind of like, ‘all right, well bye, girl’ and threw me underneath the bus.

Chyna told Wendy that she knew things were official between Tyga and Kylie when she got “kicked out of his house.”

At this point, Tyga and Kylie took their relationship public and Chyna was hurt. This was before she started a relationship with Kylie’s big brother, Rob Kardashian, got engaged to him, and even had a baby with him.

Despite all that happened with Tyga and Kylie, Chyna said she hopes to remain on good terms with Kylie Jenner because she’s her daughter’s aunt.

She said: “You know, that is Dreamy’s auntie. And when me and Robert were together, we kind of put those differences aside. From now on, I’m fine on my side and I’m hoping that we’re good.”

Speaking on how her relationship with Rob Kardashian began, Chyna made it clear she didn’t pair up with him to get back at Kylie and Tyga.

She said:

It didn’t happen that way — definitely didn’t happen that way. After all that stuff, the turmoil and whatnot, Robert, he was hitting me up on Instagram all the time and I thought it was a setup. Like, they’re trying to set me up to go with the brother — I’m not falling for that.

So then New Year’s, I was [hosting a party in] Little Rock, Arkansas, and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m out here by myself, let me just call this boy.’ Because he was on my mind.

I talked to Rob on the phone for like, maybe three or four hours. I was like, ‘Look, when I come back to L.A., I’m just going to help you out and take everything I know and just build you up and we’ll figure it out from there.’ … I met up with him, I went to Khloé’s house at the time. It was just us two and basically like, it was just a connection right then and there. … He had moved in with me and from there we started losing the weight, he cut his hair.

Viewers took to social media after the show to commend Chyna for her honesty and the way she gave genuine answers to each question Wendy asked.

Watch the video below.