Blac Chyna can suck a di ck properly – Amber Rose


Amber Rose has come to the defense of her friend Blac Chyna stating that despite public opinion that Chyna does not know how to suck a dick, she in fact is good in the act.

Recall Chyna came under scrutiny when a video of her performing oral sex on a man emerged online, prompting people to decide she knows nothing about oral sex.

Defending her friend Rose said;

I just want to say this, on the record, if you think Blac Chyna don’t know how to suck a di ck, you got her all the way fu cked up. All the way messed up. And I’m gonna tell y’all what – sometimes … All I’m saying is, okay, but listen, let me tell you something, sometimes if you have (someone) sitting on your chest, but sometimes you know, when you give oral, it’s a cute little mm-mm, you know, nothing OD, and sometimes you OD on it.

Amber Rose then mentioned further:

Don’t ever for a second think that my bestie, my sister Blac Chyna can’t suck a di ck. Y’all gonna stop talking about my friend. I swear to God. Just look at her. You think she is really incapable of going ham on the D?

Listen to the rest of what Amber said in the video below.


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