Bishop Oyedepo shares tips for a successful marriage, issues strong advise to the singles


Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, shared helpful tips for both singles and married in his sermon today.

In the service tagged, “Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough”, the Bishop explained in details from the word of God what is required to make the right choice in marriage and maintain a peaceful home.

In addressing the singles, he condemned the prideful attitudes and responses of some of them, when they are approached for marriage.

He said, “There are young men and women, nobody is fit to be their husband/wife. They are already raptured.

Someone approaches [them], “Can I have your hand in marriage?” She looks him up and down, “Which town are you from?”

Then he mentions one village that is not on the map.

And the lady responds, “No, No, I’m from Lagos, we don’t play with people from the country side. I’m sorry.”

He reiterated to the married people, that it takes humility on both sides to enjoy marital peace and honor in marriage.