Bimbo Ademoye early morning visit to Timini Egbuson crib in viral clip sparks curiosity (Video)

Beloved Nigerian actor Timini Egbuson recently shared a tantalizing clip of Bimbo Ademoye’s unexpected early morning visit to his home, sparking a whirlwind of fan speculation.

In a clip captured from his Snapchat, Timini tagged Bimbo Ademoye as his “early morning visitor.”

The video shows Bimbo on the stairs, initially retreating when she noticed Timini’s camera, clearly uncomfortable with being filmed in such an impromptu moment.

However, the playful interaction eventually won her over, and she made her way up the stairs toward him.

What followed was a scene straight out of a rom-com. As Bimbo approached, Timini teasingly asked, “Did you enjoy last night?”

The air crackled with chemistry as Bimbo, refusing to be outdone, responded with her own witty retort, maintaining a playful yet slightly flustered demeanor.

Their banter was electric, and fans couldn’t get enough of the spicy exchange.

Watch the video below;

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